Molex Micro-Fit 3.0 Connector Equivalent

Product Profile

SeriesC3030Categorywire to board, wire to wire
Typessingle row / dual row, right angle / straight, SMT / through hole
Pitch3.0mmCurrent rating5A
Applicable wireAWG#20-24Voltage rating250V

LDZY C3030 series is equivalent to Molex micro fit 3.0 series connector system. Our C3030 series is compatible with Molex microfit connectors. You can save up a lot of your money by changing from Molex to LDZY. 3000+ companies including those in Fortune 500 have been using our connectors for 10+ years.

Selection Matrix

images are for reference only (click image for drawing)

Housing & Terminal

Dual-row receptacle (Molex 43025 equivalent)
Dual-row plug with ears (Molex 43020 equivalent)
Dual-row plug without ears (Molex 43020 equivalent)
Female Terminal
Single-row receptacle (Molex 43645 equivalent)
Single-row plug with ears (Molex 43640 equivalent)
Single-row plug without ears (Molex 43640 equivalent)
Male Terminal

Dual Row Header (Molex 43045 Equivalent)

molex microfit 3.0 smt
SMT, R/A, solder tabs
SMT, Straight, solder tabs
SMT, R/A, retention clips
THT, R/A, location pegs
THT, Straight
SMT, Straight, retention clip
THT, R/A, retation clips
THT, Straight, retention clips

Single Row Header (Molex 43650 Equivalent)

SMT, R/A, solder tabs
SMT, straight, solder tabs
SMT, R/A, retention clips
THT, R/A, retention clips
THT, R/A, location pegs
SMT, straight, polarizing peg
THT, straight, rentation clips
SMT, straight, retention clips

Why Work With Us

Interchangeable With Molex

You can use our connectors with molex micro fit connectors without any problems. They can mate with each other pretty well.

Premium Quality

Our connectors are UL certified. The materials are RoHS and REACH compliant. Our company are ISO9001, ISO14001 and IATF16949 approved.

Save up to 80%

Comparing with the prices you get from Digikey or Mouser, you are able to save a lot of money using our connectors.

10-15 Days Lead Time

90%+ of orders from clients are finished within 15 days. Shipping by express (DHL, FedEx, TNT, UPS, etc) takes about 7 days.

Production Process

Injection Molding

Plastic injection moulding is the process of melting plastic pellets that once malleable enough, are injected at pressure into a mould cavity, which fills and solidifies to produce the final product.

Following are produced via this process:

Microfit receptacle (43025, 43645) and plug (43030, 43640), plastic body of headers (43045, 43650). 

Metal Stamping

Metal stamping is a manufacturing process used to convert flat metal sheets into specific shapes.

Following are produced via this process:

Microfit female & male terminals, contacts of SMT header.

metal stamping

Plating (finishing)

Metal plating is a process where a thin layer of metal coating is applied on the surface, or on the substrate of a metal part, product, or component. For inhibiting corrosion, changing conductibility, improving wear, boosting solderability, reducing friction, heat resistance, and hardening the material.

There are standard plating for Microfit contacts. Contact us for custom plating.

Automatic Assembly

Automatic assembly for Molex Microfit connector, is the process of inserting metal (brass) contacts into plastic housing of headers. Sizes are checked by robots. SMT headers are packaged by robots at the end of this process.

Following are produced via this process:

Molex 43045 (dual-row header), Molex 43650 (single-row header).

Automtic assembly


First, we work with top logistic, courier and Freight agent allowing us the most competitive transit time and pricing.

Second, we supply packing material like boxes, or on pallets.

We Directly Supply to Top Companies

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