Product Profile
Series A2544H Category wire to board
Type dual-row socket Pitch 2.54mm
Current/Voltage rating 3A/250V Applicable wire AWG22-28
Number of contacts 6-64 Certificates UL, RoHS, REACH

The A2544H connector is equivalent to Hirose HIF3BA / HIF3BB series socket for crimping. It is a 2.54mm dual-row connector for wire to board configuration, avaiable for 6 – 64 circuits.

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Cross Chart

No. of Circuits hirose P/N HRS No. Polarizing Guide LDZY P/N
10 HIF3BA-10D-2.54C(63) 610-1041-0 63 One at center A2544HA-210-P0BKCK
14 HIF3BA-14D-2.54C(63) 610-1051-3 63 A2544HA-214-P0BKCK
16 HIF3BA-16D-2.54C(63) 610-1042-2 63 A2544HA-216-P0BKCK
20 HIF3BA-20D-2.54C(63) 610-1043-5 63 A2544HA-220-P0BKCK
26 HIF3BA-26D-2.54C(63) 610-1044-8 63 A2544HA-226-P0BKCK
30 HIF3BA-30D-2.54C(63) 610-1045-0 63 A2544HA-230-P0BKCK
34 HIF3BA-34D-2.54C(63) 610-1046-3 63 A2544HA-234-P0BKCK
40 HIF3BA-40D-2.54C(63) 610-1047-6 63 A2544HA-240-P0BKCK
50 HIF3BA-50D-2.54C(63) 610-1048-9 63 One at center A2544HA-250-P0BKCK
HIF3BB-50D-2.54C(63) 610-1061-7 63 One right and left side A2544HB-250-P0BKCK
60 HIF3BA-60D-2.54C(63) 610-1049-1 63 One at center A2544HA-260-P0BKCK
HIF3BB-60D-2.54C(63) 610-1062-0 63 One right and left side A2544HB-260-P0BKCK
64 HIF3BA-64D-2.54C(63) 610-1064-5 63 One at center A2544HA-264-P0BKCK
HIF3BB-64D-2.54C(63) 610-1063-2 63 One right and left side A2544HB-264-P0BKCK

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Hirose HIF wire harness

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