Product Profile
Series A1257 Category wire to board
Type single-row, SMT Pitch 1.25mm
Current/Voltage rating 1A/50V Applicable wire AWG26-32 (OD0.76-1.0mm)
Number of contacts 2-15 Certificates UL, RoHS, REACH

A1257 series is equivalent to JST GH series. It is a 1.25mm pitch crimp style connector system for wire to board configurations.

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Cross Chart

No. of Circuits housing top entry header side entry header
2 GHR-02V-S A1257H-02-9TNAT BM02B-GHS-TBT A1257WVS-02-9TNAT SM02B-GHS-TB A1257WRS-02-9TNAT
3 GHR-03V-S A1257H-03-9TNAT BM03B-GHS-TBT A1257WVS-03-9TNAT SM03B-GHS-TB A1257WRS-03-9TNAT
4 GHR-04V-S A1257H-04-9TNAT BM04B-GHS-TBT A1257WVS-04-9TNAT SM04B-GHS-TB A1257WRS-04-9TNAT
5 GHR-05V-S A1257H-05-9TNAT BM05B-GHS-TBT A1257WVS-05-9TNAT SM05B-GHS-TB A1257WRS-05-9TNAT
6 GHR-06V-S A1257H-06-9TNAT BM06B-GHS-TBT A1257WVS-06-9TNAT SM06B-GHS-TB A1257WRS-06-9TNAT
7 GHR-07V-S A1257H-07-9TNAT BM07B-GHS-TBT A1257WVS-07-9TNAT SM07B-GHS-TB A1257WRS-07-9TNAT
8 GHR-08V-S A1257H-08-9TNAT BM08B-GHS-TBT A1257WVS-08-9TNAT SM08B-GHS-TB A1257WRS-08-9TNAT
9 GHR-09V-S A1257H-09-9TNAT BM09B-GHS-TBT A1257WVS-09-9TNAT SM09B-GHS-TB A1257WRS-09-9TNAT
10 GHR-10V-S A1257H-10-9TNAT BM10B-GHS-TBT A1257WVS-10-9TNAT SM10B-GHS-TB A1257WRS-10-9TNAT
11 GHR-11V-S A1257H-11-9TNAT BM11B-GHS-TBT A1257WVS-11-9TNAT SM11B-GHS-TB A1257WRS-11-9TNAT
12 GHR-12V-S A1257H-12-9TNAT BM12B-GHS-TBT A1257WVS-12-9TNAT SM12B-GHS-TB A1257WRS-12-9TNAT
13 GHR-13V-S A1257H-13-9TNAT BM13B-GHS-TBT A1257WVS-13-9TNAT SM13B-GHS-TB A1257WRS-13-9TNAT
14 GHR-14V-S A1257H-14-9TNAT BM14B-GHS-TBT A1257WVS-14-9TNAT SM14B-GHS-TB A1257WRS-14-9TNAT
15 GHR-15V-S A1257H-15-9TNAT BM15B-GHS-TBT A1257WVS-15-9TNAT SM15B-GHS-TB A1257WRS-15-9TNAT
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Custom Wire Harness

JST GHR wire harness

LDZY Electroincs can be your most valuable partner for wire harnesses and cable assemblies. We can quote customer requirements using the original parts called out on the customer’s datasheet (such as Molex, JST, AMP, Tyco, etc.) or also using equivalent parts which save time and money. Whether you have CAD drawings ready to go, or if you are starting with a handwritten sketch on a paper, we can make suggestions to help take you from your original idea to your final successful product.

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