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LDZY Electroincs can be your most valuable partner for wire harnesses and cable assemblies. We can quote customer requirements using the original parts called out on the customer’s datasheet (such as Molex, JST, AMP, Tyco, etc.) or also using equivalent parts which save time and money. Whether you have CAD drawings ready to go, or if you are starting with a handwritten sketch on a paper, we can make suggestions to help take you from your original idea to your final successful product.

Discrete-Wire Cable Assemblies

Discrete-Wire Cable Assemblies

pitch availability from 0.80 mm to 6.35 mm and wire ranges from 32 to 10 AWG. Single and double-ended assemblies, Multicolor cables, straight and twisted. Discrete wire offers superior flexibility, allowing it to be twisted and bent into position in limited space environments. It is commonly used in smaller electronic components, devices, and instruments.

Flat Ribbon Cable Assemblies

Flat Ribbon Cable Assemblies

Flat ribbon cables allow mass termination to specially designed insulation-displacement connectors (IDC), although ribbon cables can also be terminated by using crimp contacts or solder-bucket connections. The IDC termination methodology allows the conductor of an insulated wire or cable to make contact by a connection process which forces a sharpened blade through the insulation, eliminating the need to strip the wire of insulation before connecting.

Overmolded Cable Assemblies

Overmolded Cable Assemblies

Overmolding has allowed cable assemblies to have better functionality by: 1. Allowing them to become impervious to fluids, therefore being able to be exposed to harsher environments. 2. Providing them the ability to withstand shock, vibration, and continual flexing without damage to the termination point. 3. Making them more aesthetic by using tooling that allows for the inclusion of corporate logos and trade names as part on the overmold itself.

lvds cable

LVDS Cables

Low-Voltage Differential Signaling (LVDS Cables) is a technology addressing the needs of today’s high-performance data transmission applications. LVDS cables are very popular in electronic communication devices like computers. These cables are of great use in networking as well as in analog video interfacing. The length of data transfer cable assembly can be from 1.00 inch to several meters (6-7) depending on the structure and requirement of the LVDS system.

pre-crimped leads

Pre-Crimped Leads 

JST, Molex, HRS, TE, etc terminals, ring terminals, wire ranges from 32 to 10 AWG, single and double-ended crimping, multicolor wires, custom length. Simple and cost-effective solution for pre-production, prototyping, and mass production requirements.

Wire & Cable Assemblies Capabilities

  • Automatic Wire Processing
  • Automatic Crimping
  • IDC Crimping
  • Cable Tying
  • Labeling and Identification
  • Multi-Conductor Processing
  • Sleeving Protection
  • Soldering
  • Taping
  • Beading
  • Tubing Insulating
  • Wire Cutting and Stripping
  • Wire Marking
  • Wire Twisting
  • Wire Splicing
  • Wire Terminating
  • Wire Tinning/Soldering
  • Testing


Connectors (JST, Molex, TE, Hirose, Yoenho, JAE, etc. originals or equivalents. D-Sub, etc. ).  Terminals (ring terminal, spade terminal, etc.), Ferrule, Shrink Tubing, Wires (AWG32-AWG10), Cables, Wire Ties, Shielding, Strain Reliefs, Molding. The materials are compliant with ROHS and REACH.

The connectors from original manufacturers are always at higher prices, and the lead time is very long when there is no stock. It is a good choice to use alternative connectors when they are available. 


How It Works

Inquiry & Quote 

Drop us an email with your requirements and quantity. It would be much better if you have a datasheet or drawing. We make an offer upon your request.


If the price is acceptable, you can ask for samples for inspection. Generally the samples will be free if they are not too hard or complicated to make. You will be responsible for sample shipping

Order & Production

Once samples approved, you release your purchasing order to us. We will make a sales contact with bank details for payment. We will start production when payment is made


Once production finished, we will send the goods to you. You can use your DHL, Fedex or UPS account for shipping. Or we can use our shipping carrier. If you have carrier in China, we will send goods to them

Happy Partners

Happy experience working with LDZY. I bought LVDS cables from them for our weighing machines. The cables they made for us are of high quality. They are responsive and easy to communicate with. Highly recommend!

Alonzo, Electronics Engineer

There were 7 supplliers that I contacted before finally went with LDZY. They are very thoughtful and communication was pleasant. Good cables by the way!

Anthony, Business Owner

Working with LDZY has made my work easier.

James Heart, Business Owner

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