Do I have to pay for samples?

In most cases, you don’t need to pay for samples. While the shipping cost for samples will be paid by you (We are located in Dongguan City, China). Get Free Sample Now!

How can I pay for my order?

We accept payment by bank, by PayPal (for small amounts).

What’s your MOQ (minimum order quantity)?

In many cases, the MOQ is only 1000pcs at a very low total cost.

What’s the lead time of my order?

The lead time is usually 7-15 working days.

How to buy?

We are a manufacturer in B2B. Please leave a message or send an email to One of our colleague will get in touch with you shortly. Contact Now!

Are your products manufactured by Molex, JST, etc?

No. Our products are made by ourselves. And we don’t have any relationship with Molex, JST, etc. Our products are alternative to connectors of Molex, JST, etc. We offer a much better price and shorter lead time (7-15 days in many cases).

Are your connectors high quality?

Yes. Absolutely! Our connectors & cable assemblies are used by big corporations like Plex, Foxconn, Plexus, FCI, etc for their clients’ products. And we are ISO9001, ISO14001 and IATF16949 approved manufacturer.

Why your connectors are so competitive than Molex, JST, etc?

LDZY aims at offering cost-efficent connectors for its customers.
1. Molex has a high cost for design and management. LDZY makes equivalents of existing connectors which doesn’t involve initial evaluation, design, etc.
2. Molex’s products are sold to customers by its distributors. While LDZY’s products are factory direct sale.
3. Molex needs to price at a high level to give customers the impression that the quality is good. We are sure their quality is good but think twice before you go with Molex. Usually, you will find out that you are paying too much for it. LDZY only keeps a reasonable profit based on overall cost. And in China, due to the well-established supply chain and highly efficient manufacturing, the overall cost is very low. That’s why we can offer quality connectors at only about 1/10 of Molex’s price.
4. more…

What’s your SPQ (standard packaging quantity)?

The housings are usually packaged in PE bag with 1000 pcs SPQ. SPQ of headers packaged in PE bags is 1000pcs. Headers packaged by plastic tray or tape & reel, the SPQ is about 1000 pcs to 3000pcs. Terminals’ SPQ is 3000 pcs to 20000pcs.

Do you have stock for your products?

We stock some of our hot sale items. Even if we don’t have stock, we can make it fast to meet your required lead time.

Are your products with logo?

Some of our products have logo. If you prefer it without logo, it is possible.